Tuesday, July 14, 2009

006: Solar maximum

Only two digits in the number of the beast,
the former, wrought in mental frameworks
since the litter broke,
the latter, opaque and all-containing.
Two digits in geological sequence
compress hearts to metronomes,
as Munck foretold, trains derail
like dominoes, the silence of creation.
These sins are futile,
milk spills forth to quell the storm.
Heartwood yearns for blood and iron,
to redeem in sole reflection.
Burn, burn, before it's too late.

[last line taken from the lyrics to Anorexia Nervosa's "Drudenhaus Anthem" by RMS Hreidmarr]

005: They never forget to knock

Rewrite history, tear down the pages,
erase the blood with spit,
order matchsticks in a cell block box unwittingly,
for grandfather clocks ask no questions.
How many grins do you spot in the mirror,
when your lysergide's bled dry?
Order another drink,
assert you'd make a better god.
Immaculate, a human game on rice paper,
still high on habitual flogging of the hound,
tar of love bubbling below.
Never a shovel around when holes spring like mushrooms;
you'd waste the kiss of life on soundless medicine.
See, the dawn creeps in, go fetch a lighter.