Monday, March 29, 2010

022: Ever newborn

We crossed blades of grass,
crossed blazing sands and permafrost,
crosses' bipolar digest steeped along the road.
I exiled your secrets in the carnation of a butterfly,
omens of a petal pandemonium, greyspoken in black tongues,
sculpt a thorn whirlwind in the bowels of a nourishing tuber.
Together we used to pierrot and curse our echoing halls,
dug and ground through generations of rainfall,
as I would imprint vivid memories of you on petrified trunks.
Your sly sihlouette, nimble cryptid,
within carbon domes, mythos uterus spawn,
still contorts my logic; blood sylphen,
let's swim a leaden transgression in feather snowstorms.
I witnessed autumn blossoms painting rage across your brow,
reverse salvation, clock disarmed,
all the while you suckled at the sunset's throat,
whispers preserved in amber amnios,
your cyclone pining windpipe to fertilize Jupiter's womb,
to shine your life unto constellations far beyond the anvil flow
these Hyde clouds sweat in mouths of expired soil.
Save your request to repair quartered royal lines,
for metric symmetry took breath right here,
in the pattern origin where your song did reverberate,
serrated against solid walls damp, so silent
and my cry collapsed in molten wax, to turmoil bellowing below.

You'd wither should the sun reach your innocence.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

021: Alchemy

Black hole
fold back to waves
of noise monoxide synod,
restate and return,
Fibonacci reversed,
to the rocking hand,
to a gentle hell.
In a struck pose, basalt doze,
breadcrumbs on frozen lava steps,
all the way to the mantle of the sun,
where the thread dies, the monolith melts.
Incandescent words,
cables dissolve
and to vapor ships' song we dance.
How do you feel about this stray note,
the shattered basalt lock,
orogeny of our souls
in the harmony of chaos.
Dislodged, defunct
architects of shrines,
photonic sequence stems
from their quiet graves;
my libel 'gainst the soil
drawn on silver lids, dispatched by aching meat,
across cold voids unseen,
whence no lungs drink.
Beyond ramparts of ash,
to the translucent bustuary
in his nuclear heart.

Monday, March 8, 2010

020: Merde de nom

You know my name, the one we share,
you did suspect a thread, osmium chain, weightless,
with the weight of fire bearing on my back.
Portraits bloomed in the bark of trees and dogs,
yours is housed within my bones,
within the burgeoning tendril rose.
But that which burns my fingertips chars my head,
I'd char my hand in the black box,
I'd choke them with the primeval astronaut cord.
Tribulations and plots against architecture,
devised in the hour of the minotaur,
seconds that time forgot, times infinity,
to the rhythm of temptations, to banish fibrillations,
bang the drums of war, bang the heads on walls.
All the ruminations, all the grime,
entwined 'round the spine, mirrored in obsidian.
And as I curse my face of glass on your marble flesh
the circuitry collapses without haste,
the letter of light slowly inverts to point the way,
all trudging mercenaries, ragged,
chasing desultory splinters of their lives,
while my scope was smudged,
they know my name, the one we share.

Monday, March 1, 2010

019: While the world sleeps

Every evening, as the light sinks dim,
armies march homeward in cardboard discipline,
on the crests of waves through lunar seas of salt
to the cadence of recurring dreams
and the tepid isostasy of illusions.

Every morning, as the noise explodes,
the whipping hand quakes the cradle
and bottom deals a newborn flaming wing,
I take it for a walk, a ride, a flight
beyond steps and seas and silver lines.

Then the lid is regrown, the chrysalis resown,
sprawling dusk heralds the lachrymal feast
for Icarus, motionless in the perpetual abyss.
Egressing these frail walls on tippy toes,
I leave to dream of the blue curtains she wore.