Monday, March 28, 2011

054: Cave into me

Cave into me from the flowing blackness
behind subway windows, reflective of desire,
when the eye is lashed - dream trap ecstatic,
when I make up new geometries,
you're the golden ratio to my arch of dust.

Will you let me go, let me jump off the chaise,
run away with the driver, frail wings careless,
let me bloom into the egg shell man
I was meant to be, a poison seed
engulfed in turbid amnios.

We'll birdwatch and trainspot the apocalypse,
tired with a passion on Monday mornings,
a sordid mind's springs unwind so weary,
till we grow old and boring
and the universe puts us to sleep.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

053: The spill

From barrens to deserts,
partaking clockwork migrations,
bacilli of a tectonic world that crumbles slowly,
back to the frozen sweat of the void.
Black hole heavy logs
intersect at right angles,
where my mind falters and my skin knows not,
rabid titans' tug of war,
the phantom of order scared by destiny's scythe.
Fugitive patterns, dismantled by the wind,
wrote the story of a new dawn
on a cold prison wall,
lavishly eroded by the nails of left hands.
A sole beacon, in the distance,
a man's seductive blind rage,
spilled and scattered
to the heart rhythm of carrion calls.
I hang on dark clouds, disseminated
at the crossroads of free fall trajectories,
scribing a single word
on antique rotting bricks
from the ruin of a golden promise;
I'll espouse dusted bones in my flea bed,
upon a mattress of tentacles,
intertwined fingers - starving grubs,
shaping what used to be a perfect body,
long before the illusion faded.