Monday, October 31, 2011

063: Teethgrinding in Heaven

A miniature coffin laid down,
without a sound
from the stonefaced crowd
steering 'round the cenotaph.
More woman than child
and less child than that
weathered avatar.
Where undirected tides go,
beneath a hungry moon,
from a soil dewed in tears,
flowers bloom of rot
in delightful creation.
Imperfect angel descent
from the stars gazing back,
we come together
and I shudder to think
I'd choke on a mouthful
of your innocence.
Human dirt still tastes sweet,
like the growing pains
of a world suspended
in the instant of our lives.
An alchemical balance frame,
which way do we go from here,
maybe the rising will tell.

Monday, October 17, 2011

062: Atlas

Paint your love red on the walls of my abode,
so the thin marrow may outgrow the bone;
I've lived so long in the shadow of the sky,
my wings tucked deep beneath dead skin,
waiting for one that fits my loneliness
to kindle the rush in my innards of rust.

Chained dearly to the mountain on my back,
made in the shape of every writhing thought,
I'm building an exquisite silhouette
for you to match, but I was always there -
self-portrait of pain, ease in distant deserts,
still kicking ego on the frozen slab.

Discard all judgement when the nails go through
and I'll find you shying inside my serpent clothes.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

061: Distraction

A sequel, predictable,
rug pulled by things
of so little consequence,
no news, just symptoms.
Ravel ironic, stationed in wait,
on the way to somewhere, a surface truth,
central among distant beauty -
razors the eye, shakes the bowels,
as buzzards land around the neck.
Perhaps I have no right,
just walking on the shore, in line,
but furthest away,
shielded by night.
Uncomfort reaped, a bestowed memento,
cutis contained, to cast a shadow
and give birth to nothing
but words and shades
of deep monochrome,
to a logic dire, beyond Champollion's reach.
Natured/nurtured, readily lost,
thought clouded, to strip naked in the wind,
could the ink used to write the guidelines
be drying still.