Wednesday, December 23, 2009

015: Sinews

Scarab cult.
Verbs veer out of reach.
Translation loss, transient.
This is forever
and forever is a sound no one can hear.
Unsight to see, electric
words to smash elemental bricks
(current divine).
It never leaves us.
Sublime subliminal stream.
Universal archive coded
in characters and stages,
in love frames and liquid purges.
Wood and iron, astral signs.
Corpsing templates
found in flamboyant carrion.
Pinhole trepanation,
viole(n)t physician recipe.
Horseback ride bell ring.
Are we avid readers of cookbooks,
do we know why our feet keep kissing the soil,
can we see the ant farmer?
Only when I'll slip in sleep
will the light take shape.

014: Tide

I cherish the thaw as an exercise in reconciliation,
as a melody of familiar footsteps from beyond the veil of Maya,
pillars of possibilities cemented against program pliers.
Bouts of crystal apocalypse conjoined quietly
with sips of shadow dissent.

The milk android lives in my marrow mansion,
shielding me in her cinnamon sarcophagus
and crooning fragrance of diving star electricity.
The seconds before dawn mire the rotation,
inverted telescoping decree, conquering Fergana.

Teeth sink into seabeds of secrecy where the line fades
out of sight, solids dissolve, hot conduits from ground zero.
Butcher's block corrosion swirling into cables of the supraterranean
can never withstand the scissors of angelic Orcus,
for I claim this day as my own.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

013: Strangers make the best confessors

Pack warm clothes, for cold winds blow outside.
Whence does this burning lash come,
this canyon eroded in eons of overcast days?
The beast whips remorselessly with utmost love,
chaotic crimson latticework drawn in moist teguments
forms patterns of collapse dragging lead appendages;
truth floats on alcohol, just as ghostships master the Sargasso Sea,
northwards, westwards, mere futile occasions to raise frail bars,
to restrain an angelic weather wake
and erect cornerless cubes of conceptual composite
from the crystallized discharge of primeval volcanoes.
Stone upon stone, arranged in obsessive perfection,
resins of damnation to topple ingrown ziggurats
of millenarian guilt, the care of wolfen mothers displayed,
a riddle of roads that lead from the absolution peak.
The outback forgot long ago the warmer neighbors of null,
a lonely light flashing from the lime hut
of a propaganda poster painter.

Monday, December 7, 2009

012: Schiele's phalanges

Gazing at the back my hand I noticed
callus ergs and martian riverbeds,
a record of elusive fixtures
and driftwood surfing accidents,
from underneath, ink-dipped dendrites report
shards of reversed prescience.

I feel the hiding bones;
tension reflects, tactile errand redirects.
I forget my words yet asterisks still stick,
cenotaph signs pointing to cavern footnotes.
Between resilent brackets,
the surface still cloakes an imperfect geoid,
eggshells still remain statutory husks.

Erase the blackboard with the rusted nails
of your left hand;
rewind the hours, but the pendulum swings ever lower,
under the weight of perched night flyers.
Finger zigzags across the sternum,
scratching pits of battery acid drops,
where anticlimactic trilithons and silent towers
lead the way to the fountain.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

011: Midas and Mausolos

Spiral towards crush depth
from the heavenly cage of no convection,
lulled by rusted cogs' soundtrack.
The echoes of stones I threw into the eyewalls
strayed on drumhead fossils,
deaf end streetlights spoke through blister apertures
and a glint waltzed in infrared,
tracing a gradient ascent on freezer rainslopes
from the caverns of tungsten stars.
Photosynthetic folk, I'd clear your molds with blades of shade
to reveal the shining amber beneath fallen leaves,
hidden in the asphalt of roads that lead below.
Monstrous reflection ingrained I wish to excise,
so grant me a beacon scalpel to collapse the wall
between foundations and utopian recipes of the dividing word.
I appropriate the inverted sea to sail upon
to timeless finisterres of combustion momentum
and heartblood blossoms no thieving hand can reach.
Beyond mountain shields and screaming air, one day
gravity will be but a memory.