Tuesday, January 19, 2010

017: Black water / Winterdance

I stared down the severed neck of an antarctic exoskeleton
into reflexive waters that thirst for moonlight,
no echo made it back, fish and fishermen extracting
glum notes from the cayman's jaw grip.
Shoelaces and tongues tied in an effigy of disorder,
inviting me to dance the scalpel can-can in clinic waiting lines;
I declined politely,
as they were numb to the workings behind sclerotic curtains.
Your name, exotic, ringing of distances and fractured meanings
superimposed on the desert masonry of my nail-carved chapel
and the epiphanic wake left me to wonder the icefields,
stormwatching for signals of all too familiar alien life.
Adorning my wall, golden calculus table to determine
whether to apply that soothing litany;
maybe the polar twin of my nemesis is impervious.
Spotting the angels in the architecture of deathbeds
seems to have become the new national sport,
for soft-spoken words are blood kin
to those silent waters.

Monday, January 4, 2010

016: Plowing the fields

Velvet concrete drawn, yet the voice lingers on,
drilling rusted joints for anointment oil
to bless the spiral word meteor
adored in doomsday clock cult cogs.
Hushed in oxide parlours,
a colorless rainbow to hang from;
hear the waves, fear flavored,
mother the conjectures of revolutions,
in ebbs and flows, chart peak mountaineering.
Subject in silence, nerves meet air,
exposed in the flaming wireframe,
shoulderblades to sever the neck.
Aeries loom above the inside,
third eye retinal scan, the obscene abyss
reflects starlight from hell's firmament.
If I'd build a bronze serpent from the ashes of the unborn
to douse the radiance of the night
and terraform dried candlefields,
wouldn't such absence bleed the vision
with toxic subsequence?
Dip the spear in tranquil ebullience,
monotony is but covert self-fulfilling prophecy,
while correction fluid stains the body (subtly),
one can trace antidote formulas
in the secret discourse of tenants of wings.